Convincing quality

All our trees are grown and labelled according to the most stringent quality criteria. We only reproduce varieties and clones from reliable sources.

All our trees are certified by the governmental authorities. This guarantees virus-free rootstocks and propagation coming from stable variety grafts and healthy plants.

One way for our customers to appreciate the quality behind our trees.


Inner quality of trees

In the last years we started several actions in order to minimize fireblight risk:

  • we keep highest possible distances to commercial orchards
  • all our nurseries and mothergardens are under constant control of phytosanitary offices
  • after the last random controls, our nurseries and mothergardens have again been declared “free of fireblight”
  • all external budwood is bought from controlled mothergardens, and all our trees are labelled. This guarantees trees with the indication “ZP, b2” (ZP=zona protetta = protected zone = fireblight-free zone). “ZP b2” is indicated also on our invoices.
  • by using the datas of our weather station and the alert system “MAryblyt” we are enabled to irrigate or act with chemicals in case of high infection pression
  • flower, origin n.1 for infections, are immediately removed
  • the number of lots of production in nursery and mothergarden is high in order to split the risk
  • we do constantly self-controls


vf certified orchard Braun


  1. Each single tree is recorded with the origin of the rootstock and the propagation material.
  2. The cut propagation material gets a label with consecutive numbering.
  3. Origin and cuttings of the propagation material are recorded.
  4. We are owner of CAC- and certified mothergardens, also in accredited orchards.
  5. We are ISO certified since 2012 for the traceability of trees and budwoods.

UNI EN ISO 22005:2008:

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