Our Products

  • 1 year trees
  • knip trees
  • 8 month trees
  • rootstocks
  • rootstocks with dormant bud (sleeping eye)
  • scions for licensed nurseries

External quality:

Every single tree receives the care and the attention which is so vital to satisfy the needs of modern growers, while the use of modern techniques and equipment ensures correct treatment at each stage of development.

The most distinctive features of our trees include:

  • smooth rootstocks with good roots
  • high grafting position
  • branching out is flat and starts high up on the trees
  • well developed trees

Steady, vigorous trees, simple roots, trees with well-developed fedders and spurs – with our guarantee behind the orders you place.

The trees are lifted at the right time and kept in special cold rooms to prevent early budding.

This means our customers can receive their trees just when they want them.

Extra Quality


The Extra tree has extraordinary quality with perfect ramification.

The „Extra!”-quality identifies a tree with minimus height of 1,90m and a minimum tunk diameter of 20mm.

The tree has minimum 10 feathers at ideal height (70 cm from ground) and spurs in direction to the top. 10 trees from a bundle, protected in a special net, paletized and labelled with the “Extra!” label.

We guarantee professional storage in our special facilities, with controlled humidity and fungicide treatments.

Internal quality for our entire production

For the entire production of Braun Nurseries we offer best quality, such as varietal purity or fire blight freedom through “ZP,b2”. Thats what our name stays for.

Internal quality means also the proper handling of varieties and mutants.


We guarantee professional storage in our special facilities, with controlled humidity and fungicide treatments.


Mothergarden / scions / trueness-to-type

Our target is the best quality of the propagation material and thus guarantees the best quality of the trees, for the benefit of the growers.

In 2008, after intensive and detailed preparation, the first certified virus-free Braun mothergarden was completed. This means, we produce ourselves certified virus-free propagation material, of all our own and some more varieties.

Scions are used for the own nursery productions and in collaboration with the KIKU Ltd. we supply licensed nurseries throughout Europe. Each produced tree is recorded and gets a different and numbered label in order to ensure traceability of both propagation material and trees.

Furthermore, on order of Schniga Ltd., we produce the best Gala clones, Schnicored* and Schnico*.

Scions for growers, topgrafting:

Depending on variety, availability of budwood and approval of the breeder, we are able to sell scions (including Royalties and variety costs) to growers. If you are interested, please contact our office and we find solutions, specifically tailored to your requirements.

Stable varieties: the production takes place on dwarfing, partly on strong rootstocks.

Unstable varieties: f.e. Galas, budwood is cut only from fruit-bearing and evaluated trees.

Stoolbeds / Rootstocks

We produce certified M9 rootstocks clone 337 in our stoolbeds.

We are working together with different rootstock producers, in order to satisfy demand of different rootstocks and calibers.