Pioneer spirit as key to success

Luis Braun, a pioneer in the South Tyrolean apple cultivation, founded Braun Nurseries in the 1960’s.

His work focused on developing the techniques of apple-growing and above all on discovering new varieties and clones. He passed his talent and passion on to his son Thomas.

Thomas continues with success the tradition of the nursery and contributes with his innovative spirit to the further development of the tree nursery technology.

The entry of Jürgen in the company finally made it possible to work together in the development of varieties.

Jürgen Braun

studied economics and BWL in Verona & Trento

Fields of activity: Legal Affairs, variety and trademark protection and their defence, contract administration, Marketing and Comunication, Strategy, F&E

Thomas Braun

CEO of KIKU GmbH &
Braun Nurseries

Fields of activity: PA, responsible for the agriculture holdings (production of mother gardens,
rootstocks, trees and orcharding)

Strenghts: strategic orientation and Marketing


Jürgen & Thomas Braun

KIKU® Variety Management

„We develop, produce and take charge of high quality and innovative fruits, and formulate the matching strategy.

We support our Partner by our experience and our know-how.
Thus we assure a constant quality in performance and product, for the best of the end consumer.”

We consider ourselves as a „Variety Manager” with worldwide collaborations. Currently we have more than 100 worldwide nurserymen Partner in the world, and collaborate with scientists, technicians, advisors, grower and big marketers.

Vertical Integration is our philosophy. Vertical Integration means in general, to know more about the pre- and post period of the value chain. This can be done by excellent contacts within the whole business section and by communication between the participating partners.

In our testing fields more than one hundred new apple varieties from our Partner in the world are growing. Australian, Korean, Japanese and European new varieties are being tested, in order to introduce better varieties for the market.

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